Maxima Paper Cutters

Czech manufacturer of paper cutters and peripherals

The history of the Maxima paper cutter factory goes back to 1846, which makes it one of the oldest factories in the graphic area. Today's, Maxima is still producing in Blanzko in the Czech republic. Maxima paper cutters are well known for their durability and quality. Lately, Maxima invested in innovation and anticipated to new developments in the graphic market. Resulting in innovative paper cutters with high quality, great durability, solid design, high performance and with exceptional features and benefits for the user.

As the market shows a great diversification, Maxima paper cutters anticipates to these demands out of the market. Maxima paper cutters offers  paper guillotines in the small format dedicated to the digital printer, middle format and large format high speed cutters.

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Maxima Paper Cutters
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